Welcome to our Non-Humanoids' Pics
Here are our masters. They have deigned to let us post their pictures...
We hope you enjoy them.

At least 27 years old, Ceridwen ruled the roost.
(R.I.P. 9/8/2007 - you will be missed)
Ruler of the roost
The favorite pose for Simba - chillin'.
(He's better known as "Bubba".)

He lived the good life,
and he crossed the Rainbow Bridge
on September 3rd, 2009.
He will be sorely missed.
Lazy Bubba
We just can't resist the Bubbas.
Here's our Simba Junior, also known as Bubba.
Sadly, this Bubba is also deceased as of 2012.
New Bubba
Here we have Rika, a ball of ornery fluff.
She is a spoiled brat...and she knows it.
Self-proclaimed Princess
This lovely lady here is Branwen.
She sleeps a lot and eats a lot.
Typical cat...
Fat and cranky
Our most recent addition, Freya the Maine Coon.
She was rescued from a hoarder house,
weighing only four and a half pounds.
Now she's healthy and sassy as can be.
Hyperactive fluff